Address the IT Professional Shortage with Technology Training
April 8, 2013 by Bill Rosenthal

President Obama has made cybersecurity a priority of his new administration. According to the National Security Council, one key initiative of the president’s newly formed Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) is to “develop a framework for research and development strategies that focus on game-changing technologies that has the potential to enhance the security, reliability, resilience, and trustworthiness of digital infrastructure.”

But there’s a problem. The United States lacks enough highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.

“We don’t have all the capacity and the right sets of skills that we need to do all that’s required,” Army Maj. Gen. John Davis, senior military adviser for cyber to the undersecretary of defense at the Pentagon said. “In the department we are still struggling to fully define and empower the cyber workforce. It’s a big challenge, just to define the techniques.”

The dearth of skilled professionals is not limited to cybersecurity; it spans the entire spectrum of information technology.

Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel and executive vice president, said recently that the lack of qualified job applicants is "approaching the dimensions of a genuine crisis" for tech companies.

He said Microsoft has 3,400 open jobs for researchers, developers and engineers — an increase of 34 percent over the prior year.

As technology demands continue to expand, businesses everywhere struggle to locate and hire skilled IT workers. This effort costs organization time and dollars; many have come to realize there’s far greater ROI to establish a solid training program to enhance and expand the skills of the workers they already employ.

In addition to creating a more highly-competent technology workforce, training has been shown to improve worker satisfaction, employee engagement, and increased tenure and performance. Training improves quality, quantity, speed, safety, problem solving, attitude, ethics, motivation, leadership, and communication.

The key for businesses is to create a clear training path for their teams to follow; and the training organization that can help identify and deliver the right technology courses and technology certification classes will be indispensible to their future success.

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