Time and Cybersecurity Training
August 2, 2016 by Bill Rosenthal

The threat to your organization of a data breach is real, as are the limitations of pure technology in protecting you. Of the top six sources of cybersecurity error, four of them… 

  • general carelessness
  • failure to get up to speed on new threats
  • lack of expertise with websites and applications
  • lack of expertise with networks, servers, and other infrastructure

…can only be cured with training.

You would think that employing end-user cybersecurity training is a no-brainer. But in the real world, there are obstacles.

It’s easy to make the business case for cybersecurity training. I wrote a blog post several weeks ago suggesting how to use the cost of a data breach to develop the numbers. But the biggest factor in deciding on cybersecurity training is probably not cost, and it’s not return on investment. It’s time. 

For people who are working full-time to meet the goals of your business, the business case for cybersecurity training is beside the point. They need to find the time to get trained. But the class is held during the busiest part of their day, or it’s too far away and requires a day’s travel to get to it, or there’s no way to break up their work day that consolidates slack time into a single hour. 

Employees who have day-to-day responsibilities and deadlines to meet may know they need security training. They may know the threat of a data breach is costly. But the threat of a data breach that hasn’t yet happened is an abstract presence, while the department that is waiting for a deliverable is concrete and immediate — and probably getting in touch with frequent reminders.

The Logical Operations research team has been unable to find a way to manufacture free time to package with our end-user security training programs. So we have come up with something almost as good: instructor-supported cybersecurity training that employees schedule for themselves. It’s called CyberSAFE Anytime.

CyberSAFE Anytime is an end-user security training and certificate program that combines the best of learning at your own pace with the ability to draw on support from an expert mentor. Working with the Logical Operations CHOICE® platform, learners get video guidance from an experienced instructor and work through detailed lesson plans featuring text, activities, reference materials, and supporting media. The content is based on our highly successful CyberSAFE program, which teaches students to identify and avoid the most common risks involved in using conventional, mobile, and cloud technologies. 

When questions arise, students have the ability to contact their mentor through the “Ask An Expert” tile on the Logical Operations CHOICE® platform. On completion, students have direct access to complete the CyberSAFE credential online through CHOICE, so they can receive their CyberSAFE Certified certificate.

Students can access the one-hour CyberSAFE Anytime course whenever and wherever works best for them. That gives them the opportunity to schedule the training they need without interfering with their other responsibilities.

For more information about CyberSAFE Anytime, get in touch. Click on the “Let’s Talk” tile at the bottom of this page, or call us at 800.889.8350.