4 Reasons to Offer Digital Marketing & Sales Training
September 12, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

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Written by Nastja Starcic

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Today, 50% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet, while 2.8 billion people globally use social media. Those are huge figures to tap into as a marketplace.

In recent years, across countries and industries, organizations are reporting a shortage of digital professionals. This lack of expertise is having a significant impact on the ability of businesses to reach digital maturity and compete in a digital economy.

This demand for digital marketing and selling professionals presents great opportunities for training providers as more people want to learn and boost their digital skills to advance their careers.

Here are four reasons you should consider offering the Digital Marketing Institute’s certifications to your marketplace.

1)    Demand is greater than supply

Digital literacy is now key for nearly all digital marketing and selling roles, with 9 in 10 jobs requiring some form of digital skills. This means that across departments and industries, individuals from marketers, to IT executives, through to sales professionals need to have working knowledge of digital technologies.

A foundational level of understanding in digital technologies will enable professionals to connect with and influence others on social media, analyze data to optimize digital campaigns, make the most of new and emerging digital technologies, and help build a presence online that can support and influence customers.

2)    Businesses are hiring differently 

Due to the explosion of digital technologies and the growing need for new skills, L&D and HR executives are changing the way they recruit talent.

While employers once relied heavily on résumés, it’s now the skills prospective hires have that make companies sit up and listen. Ultimately, companies want to hire people who will fill the shortages within their workforce and benefit the business. 

This has led a shift to skills-based hiring to match the talent and potential of an individual to a company where they will hopefully thrive and learn, and grow into their role.

3)    Robots are a huge concern

The growth and development of automation through augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning means that many people are worried that robots will replace their jobs. In fact, research by the Digital Marketing Institute on the global digital skills gap found that up to 40% of marketers are pessimistic about their job security. 

As a result, many professionals are anxious about automation in their roles, particularly in areas such as logistics, retails, accountancy, and finance. The key to remaining relevant for professionals is to upskill in areas that can enhance their roles, particularly in the digital realm.   

4)    Traditional educators are slow to adapt

For many colleges and universities, the fast pace of digital technology advancement is causing issues when it comes to integrating technology into their curriculum. Once a learning program has been created, new technologies crop up that are not included in the curriculum. 

Certification programs have the advantage of flexibility. They can be updated on a regular basis with new developments as and when they happen. This means that students have the latest and most relevant training that they can apply to a job instantly. In addition, as time becomes more of a commodity for working professionals, they are looking for learning they can do 24/7. By offering learning programs that are available from anywhere at any time, you as a training provider can cut out the middleman – the classroom – and offer online learning that can fit into anyone’s busy schedule. 

These are just four reason training providers should look at the demand in their marketplace and offer digital marketing and selling certifications that can help them tap into a new market and transform the careers of countless graduates.

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