Finally, Vendor-Neutral Training for Cloud Computing
March 10, 2016 by Bill Rosenthal

Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well as IBM, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco all are involved in the cloud technology space. According to Wikipedia, there are at least 95 cloud computing platforms. Every cloud provider takes advantage of cloud technology in their own way, and until now, the only way to learn about cloud computing was to learn about a particular platform. But cloud computing isn’t a product, it’s a discipline, and it belongs to the world.

That’s why I am pleased to tell you that Logical Operations has formed a partnership with the National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA) to develop the largest vendor-agnostic cloud computing training channel available today. Everybody knows the advantages of cloud computing — the savings on infrastructure, rapid application development, improved manageability, better maintenance, increased IT flexibility. It’s no wonder Forbes calculates that cloud computing has already created 400,000 new positions in IT alone.

The demand for cloud training is enormous and growing rapidly, but the majority of training available is vendor-focused, which means most cloud professionals are tied to particular technologies and limited in their ability to implement a wide range of cloud services.

The NCTA was created in 2012 to provide vendor-agnostic cloud technology training for IT professionals. The Association developed three courses — Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture — that lead ultimately to CloudMaster certification. The program provides IT professionals with a strong foundation in cloud technologies, and overall cloud architecture and management of cloud infrastructure, as well as a solid technical background in modern web services deployment and administration. The three courses cover concepts, principles, techniques, and practices needed to administer and secure a modern cloud-enabled business environment. Because the curriculum is platform-agnostic, it offers students a more comprehensive approach to cloud computing. The courses guide students through a wide variety of cloud based technologies. Technologies covered include Microsoft Windows and Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Linux, Google Docs, Drupal, Wordpress, OpenStack, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Chef, and Chef Solo.

Moving forward, NCTA courses will be re-designed in the Logical Operations instructional design model, and delivered exclusively on the Logical Operations CHOICE learning platform. Like the rest of the Logical Operations course library, the cloud computing curriculum will give students direct access to powerful digital learning tools before, during, and after class to help reinforce learning beyond the classroom. Students enjoy a multitude of ways to learn: video learning, peer-to-peer learning through social communities, checklists for on-the-job support, assessments that check for understanding — all available any time on any device.

This partnership is a particularly good fit for us, because NCTA shares our philosophy of practical, real-world learning. Candidates spend the majority of class time focused on use cases rather than lectures on theoretical knowledge. Candidates finish the curriculum with a full portfolio of cloud skills, and not just a head full of abstract cloud concepts.

Hundreds of candidates have already received their CloudMaster certifications, so you can be confident that the curriculum is tested and already contributing to real-world cloud implementations.

We are rolling out the new course offerings in Spring 2016. For more information, use our online contact form.