How LogicalCHOICE brings BYOD into the classroom experience
September 5, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

If you were a fly on the wall of any corporate conference room, what would you see? In today’s company meeting, managers carry personal tablets− not paper file folders. Employees share documents on the fly as they discuss the latest project developments. Personal devices have become indispensable for most professionals; it would only follow that they could be invaluable in the classroom as well.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality in the workplace whether employers like it or not.  Savvy organizations have learned to embrace the laptop, cheer the tablet and even recognize that the smartphone has many useful, timesaving applications (no pun intended) for the business user.

What about devices in the traditional and virtual classrooms? Can training organizations enhance the learning experience by incorporating device use into the curriculum?

The answer is a resounding YES, if we see to it that devices are nonintrusive to learning process and are compatible, useful component of instruction.

LogicalCHOICE helps instructors leverage personal devices in the classroom. Instructors need technology training and course materials that incorporate the latest device technology, and we’ve done that with LogicalCHOICE. (LogicalCHOICE is our highly customizable technology training solution that helps organizations deliver high quality learning experiences in any classroom environment.)

We designed LogicalCHOICE based on our belief that personal devices can enhance the learning experience when woven seamlessly into the fabric of the curriculum. For example, we’ve made LogicalCHOICE course materials available in a familiar eBook format from a variety of popular personal devices for any-time student access. (We even made the file format scalable for future market technology, so organizations can be ready for the next “cool technology”.)

LogicalCHOICE extends the learning experience with its broad array of pre- and post-class resources including checklists, assessments, social media communities and LearnTO digital media.

Today’s workforce takes it for granted that their indispensible personal devices are welcome in the conference room. We’ve made sure that organizations can extend the welcome to the classroom.