The value of Training in the Current Economy
December 9, 2013 by Bill Rosenthal

Last week, the monthly report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a slight drop in unemployment, from 7.3% to 7.0%. It was 7.8% last year at this time and 8.6% the year before that. The economy is in recovery. Having said that, I think it makes sense to remind ourselves that the economy is not a thing. It is a concept. Our minds are incapable of comprehending all the entities, transactions, and stories of the nation’s economic activity, so we summarize them as “the economy.”

I say this because our corporate neighbor, Bausch & Lomb, is in the process of laying off over 400 people – 302 from the manufacturing plant and 106 at the corporate headquarters downtown. This is tough news for Rochester and for the people losing jobs. Things may be looking up for the economy, but not for many of the individuals who work in it. From their standpoint, the process of creative destruction (as Joseph Schumpeter so famously labeled industrial change) is more destructive than creative.

Many of those people are going to have to recreate themselves.

As it happens, Logical Operations has been recreating itself. Last month we acquired New Horizons Rochester, a professional training center franchise of the global New Horizons computer learning center network. Our new business operates as New Horizons at Logical Operations. This means we are adding classroom training to our worldwide curriculum business. I am very excited about this. Logical Operations started 30 years ago as an on-site computer training center, so you could say we are returning to our roots. We are determined to realize the full potential of classroom training, and this gives us a hands-on opportunity to transform the classroom experience.

The new learning center operates out of our headquarters at 3535 Winton Place. All types of learning with a dedicated instructor will be available to meet today’s varied scheduling needs, whether traditional in-person training or virtual web-based training. New Horizons at Logical Operations will serve Rochester-area businesses and professionals with training programs that cover everything from desktop applications and business skills, to advanced IT knowledge and certifications.

The approach we’re using at the learning center is one we call Integrated Learning. It’s a five-part process that includes assessment, learning, reinforcing, supporting, and validating. It’s designed to allow learners to tie learning solutions to business objectives. Beginning with assessment and concluding with validation enables us to be accountable to the learners. They will know what they are going to learn and then will be able to measure their success in learning it.

Come see us if you are in need of re-inventing yourself. We offer free career consultations, and we participate in a number of government programs designed to help people in need of retraining. For workers who need to recreate themselves, this is a great place to start.