What is Logical Operations Cyber Secure Coder (CSC)?

Logical Operations Cyber Secure Coder is a training and certification program for code developers responsible for creating secure products for mobile devices, web, cloud software, and desktop applications.

Why Logical Operations Cyber Secure Coder (CSC)?
  • Consumers and businesses alike are demanding developers with secure coding principles – and they need flexibility to code on any platfom
  • Cyber Secure Coder validates language/platform agnostic secure coding principles

Additionally, CSC validates the ability to:

  • Mitigate against common threats to data and systems
  • Use a number of testing and analysis tools
  • Analyze security concerns outside of specific languages and platforms

Click below to download the exam objectives for a thorough understanding of the skills validated by the Cyber Secure Coder training and certification program.

How does CSC Relate to MMAD and MMAS?
  • MMAD validates secure iOS, secure Android, general mobile development principles, and project management skills
  • CSC validates secure coding skills that can be applied across all application languages and platforms
  • MMAS validates both MMAD and CSC criteria

Questions? Contact us at +1.800.889.8350 or insidesales@logicaloperations.com for more information about the CSC training and certification program.