It’s no secret that VMware® makes things as difficult as possible for those participating in their VATC program (and that’s if you are even allowed in their program). Those reselling into VMware®’s VATC offering lose the ability to add value and build a relationship with their customers.

Students looking for VMware® technology training don’t need a vendor-authored class that's available through only a handful of vendors. And they certainly don’t need a VCP certification where certain classes or, in some cases, two tests are required to prove knowledge. They are better off getting trained and certified from your training organization, without all of the unnecessary restrictions from VMware®.

Start saying YES to VMware® business.

Logical Operations' CVP courseware and exam vouchers are available NOW!

Certified Virtualization Professional (CVP) Courseware and Certifications

Logical Operations can help you go to market with VMware® Data Center content and certification, without the hassle of program requirements or commitments. Our Certified Virtualization Professional – VMware vSphere® 6.0 certification program is designed to demonstrate the appropriate amount of technical knowledge for entry-level, intermediate, and advanced VMware® administrators.

“VMware®’s restrictions have limited the ability for our training providers to provide quality VMware® training solutions to their customers. Logical Operations has brought CVP to the market not only to help training providers participate in VMware® training and certification opportunities, but also to help them provide more comprehensive training solutions to their customers. ”
Joe Mignano | VP, Channels | Logical Operations

Bottom line: 
Logical Operations' CVP certification provides individuals with a credential to show their VMware vSphere® skills 6.0 without having to jump through all of VMware®’s hoops.

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