CloudMASTER® 1-Minute Webinar: Filling the Cloud Computing Skills Gap
Who is the NCTA?

The National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA) was created in 2012 with the intent to provide vendor-agnostic cloud technology training for IT professionals within all levels of an organization. To learn more about the NCTA, the NCSA courses, and find a training provider near you, visit

90% of enterprises plan to maintain or boost spending on cloud computing in 2016

How we work with the NCTA

As the exclusive training content provider of the National Cloud Technologists Association, Logical Operations develops and publishes professional training courseware for the Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture courses. 

“The partnership with Logical Operations is a milestone event for the NCTA. It represents the first time that NCTA content will be delivered outside of our higher education partners. With Logical Operations, our content will be delivered through a broad channel that will provide outstanding delivery options to a wide spectrum of professional interested in cloud computing.”
Richard Schatzberg | CEO | National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA)
CloudMaster Certification Program

The NCTA’s unique CloudMASTER® certification program provides IT professionals with a strong foundation in cloud technologies, and overall cloud architecture and management of cloud infrastructure, as well as a solid technical background in modern web services deployment and administration.

The CloudMASTER® certification program is comprised of three courses with exams: Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture. Those seeking CloudMASTER® status must pass each of these exams or take one cumulative CloudMASTER examination. All exams are coming soon through PearsonVUE.

  • Cloud Technologies:
    • An overview of cloud computing will help you develop a deep understanding of the models and understand the landscape of technologies used in the cloud and those employed by users of cloud services. You will receive multiple points of view, firsthand experience and a foundation in managing industry leading cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Drupal, Wordpress, Google Docs and Digital Ocean.
  • Cloud Operations:
    • This module helps you study the management of cloud operations and addresses the application need for compute power, managing CPU scaling, and meeting both structured and unstructured storage requirements. You will learn how to painlessly deploy fairly complex applications that scale across multiple instances in cloud technologies including Windows Azure Chef, Chef Solo, Linux and Windows Tools.
  • Cloud Architecture:
    • This module includes OpenShift, OpenStack, VMware, Amazon Web Services, Azure and Rackspace, and provides a framework to assess application performance needs while addressing business requirements of Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Groups will complete a cloud assessment of Fortune 100 firms using public information and make presentations to the client.


By taking the following NCTA courses, students can claim 1 CEU per NCTA course hour towards maintaining the CompTIA certifications below:

NCTA Cloud Architecture – A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+
NCTA Cloud Operations – A+, Network+, Cloud+, CASP
NCTA Cloud Technologies – A+, Network+, Cloud+, CASP

Deliver a Truly Unique Learning Experience

Delivered on the Logical Operations CHOICE® digital learning platform, the NCTA cloud computing curriculum will give students direct access to powerful digital learning tools before, during, and after class to help reinforce learning beyond the classroom. With CHOICE curriculum, students will gain an experience that incorporates a multitude of ways to learn with video learning, peer-to-peer learning through social communities, checklists for on-the-job support, assessments that check for understanding, and so much more.

feb, 23 2016
Logical Operations, the world’s leading provider of information technology instructor-led courseware, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA) to develop the only vendor-agnostic cloud computing training channel available today. According to Forbes, the rise in cloud computing has already created 3.9 million new jobs in the United States, and almost 400,000 positions in IT alone. As more and more companies are taking advantage of the be...
mar, 10 2016
Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well as IBM, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Cisco all are involved in the cloud technology space. According to Wikipedia, there are at least 95 cloud computing platforms. Every cloud provider takes advantage of cloud technology in their own way, and until now, the only way to learn about cloud computing was to learn about a particular platform. But cloud computing isn’t a product, it’s a discipline, and it belongs to the world. That’s why I am pleased t...