Your goal is certification. CVP gives you options.

Logical Operations is excited to bring you the Certified Virtualization Professional – VMware vSphere v6.0  and v6.5 certification series (known as CVP). This certification series is designed by skillful industry practitioners and is an immediate way for VMware administrators at all levels to demonstrate competence in VMware technology without all the requirements.

Job Appropriate

The CVP certification program is designed to demonstrate the appropriate amount of technical knowledge for entry level, intermediate and advanced VMware administrators. Our program is not focused on top-tier features aimed at limited customers. Instead, the program focuses on the core functionality. We make our program more relevant to the knowledge and tasks required of operators and administrators. 


Time is precious and no one has enough of it to waste on all of VMware’s requirements. The CVP certification requires no training and there’s no two exam requirement. Unlike VMware’s VCA and VCP certifications, Logical Operation’s CVP certification is easily accessible and suitable for self-study or on-the-job training. 

Who Should Get Certified?
  • CVP Level 1: vSphere v6.0 or v6.5 operators & junior administrators, with 1 year of day-to-day vSphere administration experience
  • CVP Level 2: Experienced vSphere v6.0 or v6.5 intermediate & senior administrators, with 2+ years 
    of day-to-day vSphere 
    administration experience
Get Certified Today!

Instead of waiting to finish all the VMware requirements, get certified today. There is no VMware class requirement to sit for your exam and no need to take two exams to be considered certified. You don’t even have to take the CVP Level 1 exam in order to take the CVP Level 2.  When you're ready to test, simply purchase your voucher here and use it to schedule your exam at any PearsonVUE testing center. 

CVP Readiness Assessment

Unsure which exam is best?

Take our CVP Readiness Assessment to measure your VMware vSphere aptitude and receive a suggested certification level.

The CVP Readiness Assessment is a complimentary tool to determine your expertise relative to the implementation, use, and management of vSphere 6.0. Two separate quizzes with 10 questions each are designed to help an individual decide which CVP exam to prepare for (Level 1 or Level 2).

For more information and access to the Readiness Assessment, please visit

Coming soon: CVP Readiness Assessment for VMware vSphere v6.5

Ready to test? 

Follow this simple three-step process:

  1. Purchase your voucher here.
  2. Schedule your exam at any PearsonVUE testing center.
  3. Take that exam!