5 HOT products you don't want to miss

You did it! You decided you were going to make 2021 a scorching hot year. You’re now on the page where you can find one or more game-changing products that are going to make this year your best yet.

Do you have clients who:
Sell into DoD schedules?
Care about their cybersecurity?
Have project managers?
Want to pass their certification exams?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, you’re on the right page to make 2021 an EXPLOSIVE growth year.

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CMMC-CP Bootcamp

What is the sweetest word in all of the Training Industry? Compliance. The newly announced Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is designed by the Department of Defense in conjunction with the defense industry and will affect the over 300,000 companies that make up the Defense Industrial Base. THESE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS AND THEY WILL NEED TRAINING ON THIS. Logical Operations is excited to announce our first round of CMMC courseware, the pre-authorized CMMC-CP bootcamp. Companies are already beginning to plan their compliance strategy around CMMC, and this your chance to get one of the most important training offerings in the past 15 years on your schedule. 

Certified Dark Web Analyst

Have you heard of the Dark Web? Of course you have! Whether you’re watching an episode of Criminal Minds or hearing about where your neighbor’s kid “finds” their movies, the Dark Web has become part of our popular culture. Next question: Did you know the Dark Web is the next big thing in cyber defense for all your customers? Of course you do! That’s why you’re going to be so excited that Logical Operations is now offering courseware for training on the Certified Dark Web Analyst Certification. In today’s cybersecurity world, knowing what the bad guys are up to in the dark corners of the web is the only way you can truly stay safe. This industry leading certification helps organizations understand the Dark Web and plan effective cybersecurity defense plans.


There are over 1,000,000 people who currently hold a PMP certification globally and over 10,000,000 project managers in the United States alone. Those are big numbers. HUGE NUMBERS. You need a piece of that pie, and we have just the course for you to offer all your project management students, both past and present. The Language of Emerging Technologies for Project Managers is a one-day class that teachers PMs all about the basics of AI, Data Science, and IoT – The exact technologies they are all likely to run into in the next few years. If that wasn’t enough, the course will offer them PDUs towards maintaining their PMP certification (PDU approval still pending). 

ITIL4 and CISSP 5th Edition Exam Simulators

Why do your students take certification training classes from you? Because they want to pass their certifications. They trust your training will give them the best chance to pass their exams. Why not give them the final piece they need? Logical Operations is now offering TWO different Exam Simulators: ITIL4 and CISSP 5th Edition. These exam simulators will give your students all the help they will need to pass their exams, and you know who gets to be the hero when they pass? YOU DO! Be the hero your students need. Give them the power to pass their exams with the Logical Operations ITIL4 and CISSP 5th Edition exam simulators.