What is ET4PM?

Project managers are routinely asked to step outside their comfort zones to manage teams and projects on Emerging Technologies. By gaining an understanding of the concepts and terms associated with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and IoT, project managers will be better equipped to successfully navigate the nuances and unique challenges presented by these types of projects. In The Language of Emerging Technologies for Project Managers (ET4PM), PMs will become familiar with common industry terms inside the disciplines of AI, DS, and IoT. Additionally, they will learn how to appropriately scope out projects in these disciplines, as well as understand how to plan for a variety of factors within their control, such as time, costs, and risks commonly associated with AI, DS, and IoT.

What Project Managers Learn in ET4PM
  • Basics concepts and terminology that are used in digital transformation and Emerging Technologies projects.
  • The nuances of managing projects that use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Data Science.
  • How to identify and manage challenges of scope, timelines, dependencies, and obstacles that are unique to emerging technologies.
Topics Covered
In ET4PM, students will:
  • Learn the basics of emerging technologies and why they are so important.
  • Learn useful industry terms to help you better communicate with the teams you are managing.
  • Understand how to properly scope AI, DS, and IoT projects.
  • Learn to plan for Time, Costs, and Risks typically associated in AI, DS, and IoT projects.
  • Understand additional resources and training available to you and your teams around AI, DS, and IoT.
Download the Course Outline
Download the course outline to view the full description of topics covered in ET4PM.
The ET4PM Credential

Your students can set themselves apart from the pack by proving their ability to lead projects around the latest technologies and topics. The Language of Emerging Technologies for Project Managers learning experience includes access to the ETBIZ credential. Students can take the assessment, receive their score, and print their certificate from anywhere, all through the CHOICE online digital delivery platform. Shortly after passing their assessment, students will receive a digital badge that can be used to share their dedication to Emerging Technologies!

Get Started

ET4PM is a class that you can teach yourself or we can teach it for you.  The suggested retail price for this 1-day class is $399USD.  If we teach it for you, Logical Operations will provide the instructor, training materials for each student, and credential assessments along with badging administration for $150/student with a minimum of 10 students per class.  Ready to schedule a class?  Fill out the form below and we will work with you to get it on our schedule.