The Mobile Experience

We understand that the learning does not stop as soon as a student leaves the classroom, nor should it! That's why we've designed mobile apps to create a truly multi-modal learning experience for the student.

“Getting students acclimated to using a tablet to extend the learning experience in class translates to a higher percentage of learners continuing their learning on the job when they need it most with post-class support tools such as video learning, social peer-to-peer collaboration, and quick-reference tools.”
Bill Rosenthal | CEO | Logical Operations

Built for use on tablets and mobile phones, the CHOICE apps are designed as on-the-job reference support tools. Students can easily access important support information such as their eBook, learning videos, and checklists anywhere, anytime. Best of all, it they are available for all CHOICE titles. 

Our CHOICE apps are available for iPhone, Android phones, and iPad. And best of all, they're FREE.

To download, search "CHOICE" on your mobile app store.

sep, 05 2012
If you were a fly on the wall of any corporate conference room, what would you see? In today’s company meeting, managers carry personal tablets− not paper file folders. Employees share documents on the fly as they discuss the latest project developments. Personal devices have become indispensable for most professionals; it would only follow that they could be invaluable in the classroom as well. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality in the workplace whether employers like it or not.  Savv...