Overconfidence: A New Cybersecurity Threat?
October 13, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Hacker hacking

Are you totally confident that your employees and in-house IT personnel are prepared to defend your company from a cyberattack? Your confidence may be actually harming your company.

In 2016, the McAfee unit of Intel Security conducted a study which found that 82-percent of study participants reported a cybersecurity skills shortage. 71-percent then said that this shortage of skills was directly causing damage to their organization. Earlier this year, further research conducted by ISACA found that one in four companies surveyed claimed it could take over six months to fill information security and cybersecurity jobs within their organizations.

Organizations with fully staffed cybersecurity and information security teams still face issues when trying to keep up with the sheer volume and pace of cyberattacks. This shortage of skilled employees and overall cybersecurity skills is a hacker’s playground. When new forms of cyber threats are combined with the massive role of critical data in today’s business world and the lack of these skills, the potential risks increase at an exponential rate. 

The annual AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report also found these data points to consider: 

  • In 2015, 7.5-percent of Wi-Fi networks were either used to mount a network attack at some point during the year or were actually malicious.
  • In early 2016, there was an astounding 400-percent increase in the scans of IoT protocols and ports across AT&T’s network in an attempt to recruit the devices for DDoS cyberattacks and other activities.
  • Global internet traffic actually exceeded 1 trillion gigabytes (1 zettabyte) in 2016 and is expected to grow by approximately 18-percent every year through 2020.

With this continually evolving cybersecurity landscape, overconfidence can become a slippery slope for companies. There is no way that every employee can constantly stay updated on the latest threats and hacking techniques on their own or after initial training. The only way that you can be confident that your employees can handle new threats is to create a culture of cybersecurity and hold regular training courses to keep everyone updated. 

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