How Do Developers Learn?
September 26, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

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By James Cronin, Business Development Manager, Packt Publishing

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On October 18 and 19 in Baltimore, Logical Operations is hosting their inaugural Partner Conference, LO-CON17, bringing together insight and expertise from across the technical training landscape. Packt is proud to participate in the event, and will be answering an increasingly important question: “How do developers learn?”

Why have we chosen this topic?

Developers—and the companies that employ them—face the challenge of staying current in a fragmenting and rapidly changing tech landscape. The conventional enterprise IT model is moving towards more open and collaborative architectures, with changes that are rapidly increasing in breadth and depth.

This is particularly evident in new and emerging technology fields, with areas such as web development, cloud architecture, data science, and artificial intelligence creating whole new skillsets and industries. These technologies are more regularly adopted and applied by enterprises, complementing (and sometimes replacing) traditional vendor offerings.

As fresh tools and technologies are released and adopted, new skills and capabilities are required. The challenge then becomes teaching and learning. How do you effectively build competency in these new and fast-moving areas? How do you craft and curate this learning to suit the behaviors and commitments of tech professionals?

How does Packt fit in?

We’ve been dedicated to these questions since Packt was founded in 2004. We help developers stay relevant by publishing quality and cutting-edge learning materials. We publish 100 new titles every month, keeping our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and creating content that allows developers to understand and utilize these new tools.

We will be bringing this expertise to the inaugural Logical Operations conference, sharing insights from our team’s experience and market research that powers Packt’s publishing output.

What are we going to discuss and share?

Packt’s Business Development Manager, James Cronin, will be in Baltimore to take you through this narrative.

James will present the bigger picture situation, focusing on digital transformation and its impact upon technical skills, before launching into an assessment of how and why developers learn.

Expect a journey through the learning culture of technical professionals, assessing:

  • Its growing role in mainstream education
  • How much time people spend learning
  • The diverse and preferred methods used to upskill
  • How different job roles and industries face the challenge
  • The barriers to learning effectively
  • How the dominance of open-source software is changing developer learning needs
  • Crucially, how training companies can play a role in these emerging tech areas

Focusing specifically on our growing range of dedicated courseware materials and training resources, we will provide practical information in these areas. Whether it’s for an immediate client requirement or a future opportunity, join us to learn more about how you can tackle the training challenges of new and emerging technologies.