Three Ideas to Strengthen Cyber Security
June 21, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Cybersecurity shield protecting laptop

Here are three ideas for protecting your organization against cyber threats:

  1. Use big data analytics on your logs, flows, and telemetry to identify attacks and detect threats.
  2. Get top management involved in taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.
  3. Protect your organization against half of all cyber security risks by acting to eliminate insider threats.

As it happens, those ideas (and others) will be the subjects under discussion in the keynote addresses, interactive panels, and briefings at the Cyber Security Summit: DC Metro on June 29th. The Cyber Security Summit is an all-day forum for C-suite and senior executives, business owners, and information security professionals responsible for protecting the critical data of their enterprises. It is an informational event that clarifies the latest threat landscape and the newest techniques for managing it. Full disclosure: Logical Operations is a partner with Cyber Security Summit as part of our mission to promote cyber security awareness and education.

The Cyber Security Summit is a forum for discussing and sharing the latest in cyber security with renowned experts from around the globe. In presentations, interactive panels, and briefings, some of the world’s top security experts spend a day sharing their priceless knowledge with senior-level executives who need it.

The Summit features demonstrations from top security solutions providers, including Cybraics, CenturyLink, and more. Because this conference addresses security from the standpoint of top leadership, admission is restricted. In order to attend, you must qualify.

Some of the experts featured in the panels and roundtables:

  • Michael Droz: Deputy Director of Operations — US Southern Command
  • Alan Ross: CTO — Cybraics
  • Dave Mahon: VP & CSO – CenturyLink
  • Paul Fletcher: Cyber Security Evangelist – Alert Logic
  • Bryan Batty: Managing Consultant — Coveros
  • Darren Death: Chief Information Security Officer – ASRC Federal
  • Nick Hunter: Technical Marketing Manager – Venafi
  • Bill Johnson: CEO & Founder – TDI Technologies
  • Ryan Kazanciyan: Chief Security Architect – Tanium
  • David Laufman: Chief of Counterintel and Export Control, National Security Division – US Department of Justice
  • Keith McCammon: Chief Security Officer & Co-Founder — Red Canary
  • Navid Nia: SVP Cyber Security CI & Insider Threat — Deutsche Bank
  • Rinaldi Rampen: Director of Technology Risk — Fannie Mae
  • Jake Simpson: Chief Revenue Officer — iboss

If you are part of an organization’s top leadership, you can’t afford to leave cyber security to anyone else. You need to get involved, to learn the issues, and to figure out the risks and how your organization can best respond to them. But you don’t have to do it alone. The Cyber Security Summit will allow you to meet with other leaders facing the same risks that you face, and it’s the best way I know to get started taking on this responsibility.

The Cyber Security Summit: DC Metro will take place from 7:45am to 6:00pm on Thursday, June 29, at The Ritz-Carlton, Tyson’s Corner in McLean, Virginia. If the timing or location doesn’t work for you, note that there are four more Cyber Security Summits scheduled for this year, in four of the country’s principal business destinations. The chances are good you can find one near you. Register here (as a friend of Logical Operations, use the promo code LO2017 to get 50% off), or get additional information at