Training in the Modern Classroom
May 30, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Pile of educational material

When I was a child in school, the learning process was all about eliminating distractions. Today, we are more likely to use “distraction” to make learning easier or stickier. If you were to take a course using our Logical CHOICE platform, for example, you would probably find a dozen different ways to approach your learning goals. You would find textual and graphical resources, video libraries, easy access to your classmates, archived discussions and asynchronous opportunities, pointers to trusted web resources, and a collection of engaging exercises limited only by your instructor’s imagination.

This kind of environment is exciting for both the learner and the instructor. But it’s also very demanding of the instructor, in terms of imagination, technical understanding, and adaptability – because the modern classroom is not only different, it is constantly changing. At Logical Operations, we define a “modern classroom” as a learning environment where learning can take place synchronously or asynchronously, with students either co-located or in remote locations, and the course content can be delivered continuously or in an extended or modular delivery using the latest technologies. 

Providing Logical CHOICE to the world of adult education puts us in the forefront of the ongoing creation of the modern classroom. We are aware that we run the risk of outstripping the abilities of existing professional instructors to make use of this platform, so we are offering a training program to prevent that. We are offering a new instructor certification program, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®)

The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) training and certification program prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches. In the MCCT program, candidates learn class preparation techniques, how to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their training, how to successfully teach using various delivery modes such as asynchronous and virtual learning, and how to grow and improve as a trainer. Candidates can attend in person or virtually, all while being coached by one of Logical Operations’ senior instructors.

The course is a two-day workshop that prepares candidates for a 75-minute exam to certify their modern classroom skills. It draws its principles from adult learning theory, but candidates generally collect many useful tips and tricks from their peers and the instructor. Candidates have the opportunity to determine their own classroom strengths so they can capitalize on them to create more effective learning environments. The approach is practical, and candidates deliver a section or a topic from a course they teach to the rest of the class, responding to questions and managing discussion, with constant coaching from the instructor. This exercise allows candidates to practice their new classroom skills in a controlled environment.

Candidates learn the special methods for ensuring effectiveness in asynchronous and distance learning, as well as those of measuring instructional effectiveness regardless of media or channel.

Modern Classroom Certified Trainer is ProCert accredited, which is well-regarded certification program. The certification itself is given post-class via a multiple choice exam, proctored by Castle Learning. You can download the certification exam objectives from a link on the MCCT site, or with this link (PDF).