Five Urgent Questions in Cyber Security
April 25, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Here are five urgent questions for organizations concerned about cyber security right now: 

  1. Can your solution provider help you navigate the perilous road to compliance?
  2. What’s your strategic incident response plan to a data breach?
  3. What emerging risks threaten IoT and big data?
  4. What countermeasures and new technologies can protect against those risks?
  5. How can you keep insider threats outside?

As it happens, those topics (and others) will be the subjects under discussion at the interactive panels and roundtables at the second annual Cyber Security Summit: Dallas on May 5th. The Cyber Security Summit is an all-day forum for C-suite and senior executives, business owners, and information security professionals responsible for protecting the critical data of their enterprises. It is an informational event that clarifies the latest threat landscape and the newest techniques for managing it. Full disclosure: Logical Operations is a partner with Cyber Security Summit as part of our mission to promote cyber security awareness and education.

The Cyber Security Summit is a forum for discussing and sharing the latest in cyber security with renowned experts from around the globe. In presentations, interactive panels, and roundtable discussions, some of the world’s top security experts spend a day sharing their priceless knowledge with senior-level executives who need it. 

The Summit features demonstrations from top security solutions providers, including Alert Logic, Apcon, Black Duck Software, CensorNet, CenturyLink, CyberArk Software, Darktrace, enSilo, LogRhythm, OPSWAT, Proofpoint, Red Canary, RedSeal Networks, Securonix, SentinelOne, Symantec, TDi Technologies, Zerto, and more. But when the Cyber Security Summit’s organizers say it is a forum for C-suite and senior executives, business owners, and information security professionals, they mean it. In order to attend, you must qualify for admission. The registrar will not approve admission for those working in a sales capacity. 

Some of the experts featured in the panels and roundtables:

  • David Cass: CISO – IBM
  • Dave Mahon: VP & CSO – CenturyLink
  • Paul Fletcher: Cyber Security Evangelist – Alert Logic
  • Daniel Garrie: Forensic Neutral, Arbitrator, Mediator at JAMS; and Executive Managing Partner, Law & Forensics
  • Ryan Kalember: SVP, Cybersecurity Strategy – Proofpoint
  • Rich Licht: Chief Administrative Officer – Center for Internet Security
  • Valmiki Mukherjee: Chairman & Founder – Cyber Future Foundation & Constituents
  • Ryan Spelman: Senior Director, Business Development – Center for Internet Security
  • David Swift: Principal Architect, Security Analytics – Securonix
  • Andy Thompson: Strategic Advisor - CyberArk

There’s a simple way to get answers to the five urgent questions of cyber security: suffer a data breach and then try to cope with its aftermath. You’ll learn very quickly, but given the cost and the stress, I don’t recommend it as a learning strategy. By attending a Cyber Security Summit, you can learn the answers in a single day and then plan for your organization’s future in an increasingly hostile online world.

The Cyber Security Summit: Dallas will take place from 7:45am to 6:00pm on Friday, May 5, at The Omni Dallas Hotel. If the timing or location doesn’t work for you, note that there are six more Cyber Security Summits scheduled for this year, in six of the country’s principal business destinations. The chances are good you can find one near you. Register at, or get additional information at

Use promo code LO2017 to receive 50% OFF admission (Standard price is $350. Only $175 with code)!