Why You Should Attend the Cyber Security Summit
February 21, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

If you’re serious about protecting your business from cyber-attacks, my advice is to seek out the finest, most experienced minds in cyber security and ask their advice. One way to do that: get yourself invited to a Cyber Security Summit. Full disclosure: Logical Operations is a partner with Cyber Security Summit as part of our mission to promote cyber security awareness and education. 

The Cyber Security Summit is a forum for discussing and sharing the latest in cyber security with renowned experts from around the globe. In presentations, interactive panels, and roundtable discussions, some of the world’s top security experts spend a day sharing their priceless knowledge with senior-level executives who need it. 

There are nine Cyber Security Summits scheduled for this year, in nine of the country’s principal business destinations. The chances are good you can find one near you. The inaugural summit for 2017 will be in Denver on March 1 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. The Security Briefing at this event will be led by Chad Alvarado, the Supervisory Special Agent of Cyber Task Force for The FBI Denver Division.

This isn’t one of those sweaty, multi-day trade shows where you have to struggle with thousands of other attendees to sift nuggets of actionable information from a sea of mostly irrelevant details. Each Summit is by iinvitation only, and all attendees are pre-screened and approved in advance. Attendance is limited to approximately 300 senior-level executives, which means an intimate environment set within a luxury venue.

The Cyber Security Summit team can connect directly with selected senior-level executives from your company.

The event also features demonstrations from dozens of cutting-edge solution providers to combat the latest threats. It’s a full day, but it’s only one, so it minimizes the commitment of time and travel (and therefore money) made by your company when it sends a senior-level executive.

The Denver Summit features panel discussions on compliance, the legal repercussions of getting hacked, how to devise a strategic incident response plan, the emerging risks associated with IoT and big data, and how to protect against insider threats. 

Some of the experts featured: 

  • Mary McCord: Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Dave Mahon: VP & CSO, CenturyLink
  • Daniel Garrie: Head of the Worldwide Cyber Security Practice, Zeichner Ellman & Krause LLP
  • Steve Wolgman: Centrify
  • David Cass: CISO, IBM
  • Paul Fletcher: Cyber Security Evangelist, Alert Logic
  • Aaron Sramek: Security Engineering Manager, enSilo
  • Michael Patterson: President & CEO, Plixer International

Some of the sponsors of the event include Alert Logic, Apcon, Arbor Networks , BAE Systems, Carbon Black, Centrify Corporation, Cloudflare, Darktrace, enSilo, OPSWAT, Plixer, Red Canary, Symantec, and Zerto. 

If you are a C-Suite or Senior Level Executive, you can now register to attend the Cyber Security Summit Denver. Senior Level Executives can receive 50% off your admission by using promo code LO2017 at CyberSummitUSA.com ($350 without code). Your registration will be evaluated, and it will be refunded if you are not qualified to attend. For more details, visit the Cyber Security Summit website.