Cloud Computing Skills
August 23, 2016 by Bill Rosenthal

The message that IT pros need to understand cloud computing as a discipline rather than as a proprietary platform seems to be catching on. A recent article in InformationWeek titled “9 Cloud Skills IT Pros Need Now” suggests there are tools and technologies that transcend vendor-specific platforms. The article says IT departments need to master these tools and technologies even if they do no cloud development at all but are only cloud customers.

The nine skills include the usual suspects — cloud security, big data analytics, network overlays — but they also include some that may be unfamiliar, such as containers, white box switching, and hyper-convergence. If you’re an IT pro, or someone who provides training for IT pros, I recommend following the link I provided to read the whole article.

Last March, I referenced a study that showed businesses on average use 545 cloud services. In an environment with that kind of technological diversity, you cannot hope to meet your need for cloud computing skills by relying exclusively on vendor-specific cloud training. Your IT people need the flexibility to deploy their skills on a variety of platforms, technologies, and approaches.

That’s why Logical Operations entered into an exclusive partnership with the National Cloud Technologists Association (NCTA) to provide a vendor-agnostic curriculum and certification for cloud computing. The NCTA’s unique CloudMaster certificate program provides IT professionals with a strong foundation in cloud technologies, knowledge of the overall cloud architecture and management of cloud infrastructure, and a solid technical background in modern web services deployment and administration. The courses guide students through a wide variety of cloud based technologies. Technologies covered include Microsoft Windows and Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware, Linux, Google Docs, Drupal, Wordpress, OpenStack, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, Chef, and Chef Solo.

Logical Operations recently held a successful webinar about vendor-neutral cloud skills training. In it, we covered… 

  • Why cloud computing skills for a wide range of technologies are in demand
  • Who should receive training
  • How Logical Operations’ partnership with the NCTA will benefit you and your students
  • What topics are covered in the Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture courses that will be available from Logical Operations
  • How the CHOICE® digital learning tools that are available for instructors and students enhance the learning experience beyond the classroom and reinforce cloud computing skills on the job

We recorded the webinar, and you can access the recording on this page. If you’re just beginning to think about cloud skills training, that recording would be a good place to start. 

Outlines for our three courses — Cloud Technologies, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Architecture — are available for your review: just call 1.800.889.8350 or email

Like the rest of the Logical Operations course library, through CHOICE®, the cloud computing curriculum gives students direct access to powerful digital learning tools before, during, and after class to help reinforce learning beyond the classroom. Students enjoy a multitude of ways to learn: video learning, peer-to-peer learning through social communities, checklists for on-the-job support, assessments that check for understanding — all available any time on any device.

Students spend the majority of class time focused on use cases rather than lectures on theoretical knowledge. Candidates finish the curriculum steeped in the discipline of cloud computing. This doesn’t just mean they understand abstract cloud concepts, but that they have a full portfolio of cloud skills that they can deploy on any of the major platforms.