Logical Operations and Digital Marketing Institute
July 29, 2016 by Bill Rosenthal

In the 1989 film, Field of Dreams, an Iowa corn farmer named Ray Kinsella hears a voice telling him to build a baseball diamond in his field. Ray builds the field, and the spirit of legendary ball player Shoeless Joe Jackson turns up to play on it. He even brings many of his friends. By watching their games and interacting with the legendary players, Ray is able to come to terms with his own childhood and the memory of his late father, who was a great baseball fan. It's a beautiful and heartfelt film. But as a business manifesto, its message is fundamentally unhelpful. 

“If you build it, he will come” is what the voice says to Ray, and the line has become a sort of byword. I’ve actually seen people try to sway business discussions with it. But it’s important to remember the film is a fantasy. Shoeless Joe Jackson only knows about Ray’s baseball diamond because Shoeless Joe is a supernatural spirit. In the real world, building it is not enough. Nobody is going to come to your baseball diamond if they don’t know it is there. That’s where marketing comes in. 

Marketing is everything you do to find the right audience and then let them know about your products, your services, your offers, and how they can benefit from what you do. 

Traditional marketing consists of advertising, handouts, direct mail, promotional activities, trade shows, product placements, and public relations, as well as audience research. It also includes “content” marketing, such as books, white papers, newsletters, videos, and articles. But in the age of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, and blogs, marketing is a whole new world. Campaigns can start, stop, and change emphasis much more quickly and at a significantly lower cost than they can with traditional methods. In addition, digital methods are much more compelling for audiences than are traditional media. Digital methods tend to be individualized, interactive, and timely. Organizations that master digital marketing media enjoy great success. Yet, a recent survey revealed that only nine percent of professional marketers regard their skills as strong for all digital marketing activities. 

That is the reason for the Digital Marketing Institute, which has certified the digital marketing skills of more than 15,000 professionals in 80 countries. Logical Operations has just entered into a partnership with Digital Marketing Institute to provide expert-facilitated training programs to help marketing and sales professionals gain the skills needed to succeed in the digital world. 

As part of this partnership, training curriculum for the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, the Digital Marketing Institute’s most widely taught digital marketing certification, as well as training curricula for the Professional Diploma in Digital Selling, Professional Diploma in Search Marketing, Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing, Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing, and Professional Diploma in Strategy and Planning are available now. Each of these 5-day instructor-led training programs include extensive hands-on activities and a real-world approach to gaining the skills needed for marketing and sales professionals to be more successful in their jobs.

Visit our Digital Marketing Institute partner page to learn more and to find a link where you can download a free ebook from Digital Marketing Institute.