The Modern Classroom
December 15, 2014 by Bill Rosenthal

Nova Solutions, Inc., which makes furniture for offices and classrooms, says there are five key elements to modern classroom design: 1) collaborative classroom furniture, 2) sufficient electrical resources, 3) intelligent lecterns (which include audiovisual controls), 4) flexible lighting levels, and 5) downsized gathering areas.

I don’t know if the Nova Solutions design is the ideal, but it sounds pretty good to me in my role as an instructor. I wish I had a dollar for every minute I have spent in a professional lifetime scouring classrooms for a power outlet, a network connection, an interactive whiteboard, or a small-group discussion area that actually worked. On the other hand, I know there are instructors – good ones, too – who would find the Nova Solutions design confusing or even intimidating.

Traditional education came of age during industrialization, and it imitated the best practices of this crucible: regimentation and efficiency governed by the clock. In the traditional version, the instructor delivered the instruction to the learners. Any learner behavior besides listening, watching, note taking, and responding when called on was regarded as an impediment to this process. That’s why teachers were traditionally disciplinarians as well as tutors.

The learning process used to be all about eliminating distractions, but today, technology and learning theory give us the resources to use “distraction” to make learning easier or stickier. If you were to take a course using our Logical CHOICE platform, for example, you would probably find a dozen different ways to approach your learning goals. You would find textual and graphical resources, video libraries, easy access to your classmates, archived discussions and asynchronous opportunities, pointers to trusted web resources, and a collection of engaging exercises limited only by your instructor’s imagination.

This kind of environment is exciting for both the learner and the instructor. But it’s also very demanding of the instructor, in terms of imagination, technical understanding, and adaptability – because the modern classroom is not only different, it is constantly changing.

Providing Logical CHOICE to the world of adult education puts us in the forefront of the ongoing creation of the modern classroom. We are aware that we run the risk of outstripping the abilities of existing professional instructors to make use of this platform, so we are offering a training program to prevent that. We are offering a new instructor certification program, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT).

The first MCCT classes, open to all adult education instructors, will be held on January 21st (one-day class) and January 22nd – January 23rd (two-day class) at Logical Operations’ headquarters in Rochester. If you find Rochester an inconvenient location, you can also attend the class virtually.

The MCCT program prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using Logical CHOICE and our printed training curriculum. In the MCCT program, instructors will learn class preparation techniques, how to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their training, how to teach using various delivery modes such as asynchronous and distance learning, and how to grow and improve as a trainer. Instructors who complete this course and certification gain real experience delivering a technical training course in person, in an asynchronous environment, and in a distance learning environment, while being coached by one of Logical Operations’ own highly experienced instructors.

For more information about signing up for the MCCT classes, please contact Logical Operations at or 1.800.456.4677.