What is MCCT®?

The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT®) training and certification program prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches. In the MCCT® program, instructors will learn class preparation techniques, how to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their training, how to successfully teach using various delivery modes such as asynchronous and virtual learning, and how to grow and improve as a trainer. Instructors who attend this course will have an opportunity to do so in person or virtually, all while being coached by one of Logical Operations’ senior instructors.

Instructor Development

Throughout the class, students will study the principles of adult learning theory to gain an understanding of how best to relate to their learners. Students will explore the various courseware components of their curriculum in order to take advantage of them during class. Students will also study strategies to continue the training experience beyond the length of their classes.

Increase Effectiveness

Determine your strengths and learn to capitalize on them in the class room, while figuring out your weakest points and learning about how to work around them. Give and receive feedback from your peers, collect useful tips and tricks to increase your teaching effectiveness, and open a dialogue about what works and what doesn't.


Participants are asked to refine and rehearse a presentation of a section or topic from a course they teach or are preparing to teach. They will be expected to take and respond to questions throughout their presentations, and will receive instructor coaching throughout, which allows participants to use new skills and ideas learned in class, in a controlled environment.

Asynchronous Learning

MCCT® uses an Asynchronous teaching and learning method, where participants will take the class, learn, collaborate, and post homework on their own time. Class begins and ends at different times for each learner. Class could be one week for some and six months for others, it's all up to the individual to set their pace. The goal of post-class work is to have participants log in to the learning platform and participate in class activities. The goal of asynchronous homework is for participants to work productively with others, on their own time.

Distance Learning

The Jigsaw platform allows the instructor to interact with students just as they would in a physical setting, both visually and audibly. Students can raise their hands to ask questions, turn on their webcams and mics to present to their fellow classmates, and chat via the message box. It doesn't end there. The exams can be taken from the comfort of your own home or workplace. A webcam is required, along with proper identification, but the time and location of your examination is up to you.

The Modern Classroom

At Logical Operations, we define a ‘modern classroom’ as a learning environment where learning can take place synchronously or asynchronously, with students either co-located or in remote locations, and the course content can be delivered continuously or in an extended or modular delivery using the latest technologies. Get certified as a Modern Classroom instructor. Our courseware is specifically designed to support the modern classroom environment with our platform-agnostic virtual delivery tools.

Modern Classroom Certified Trainer is ProCert accredited, so you know you're gaining a reputable certification when you take the MCCT® certification program. The certification itself is given post-class via a multiple choice exam, proctored by Castle Learning.

Get Access to the Exam Objectives
Download the exam objectives for a thorough understanding of the skills validated by MCCT®.