Certifications in High-Demand Skill Areas

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's no longer a question of if, but when. Are YOU ready to protect your organization? CyberSAFE - Protect your people and your organization.
Distinguish your skills as a VMware practitioner on your own terms. Build your portfolio of IT skills with cloud computing.
Validate your knowledge of secure coding principles on any platform or language. Accrediting trainers worldwide to excel in modern training delivery.
A cross-platform mobile application development certification. Validated knowledge in multi-platform coding and mobile application development.

Just as there is a demand for quality training programs, there is a significant demand for relevant certifications that validate real-world knowledge and skills. Today's hiring managers seek candidates with proven, demonstrable skills; certifications are a great way to prove those skills, and hiring managers are taking notice. 

After over 30 years of developing the highest quality training curriculum available today, it’s a natural progression for us to leverage our training expertise to develop high-stakes IT certifications that fill a gap in the marketplace. We use a rigorous process to create vendor-specific and vendor-neutral certifications that are in line with industry standards and are accredited by ProCert Labs. 

““Along with our clients, we’ve noticed that there are areas that are under-served, or not being served at all, by current IT certification programs. Our certifications are a natural response to the needs of our clients — filling skills gaps that need filling, especially in cybersecurity.””
Paul Hoffmann | Director, Certification Programs | Logical Operations
Why Get Logical Operations Certified?
  • Exams developed by Instructional Design, Assessment Writing, and Subject Matter Experts
    • LO has been in the IT training industry for 30 years – our training products have helped hundreds of millions of individuals gain new skills and verify knowledge learned
    • We have more experience than any technology company in validating IT knowledge and skills
  • Vendor neutral certifications for in-demand skills areas
    • Organizations use multiple technology vendors, and have the flexibility to instantly change vendors – IT Certifications need to match
  • Core Job Task Validation
    • Certifications designed by vendors frequently are a tool used by Marketing departments to promote use of new features
    • LO Certifications are practitioner driven, designed to validate core skills based on a formal job task analysis
    • Certifications issued by technology vendors are driven by Marketing teams with the goal of promoting new features – IT Certifications should be developed IT
  • Industry Accreditation
    • LO certifications are designed to meet ProCert Accreditation standards, the industry-leading exam accreditation organization
    • CyberSec First Responder (CFR-210) was designed to meet ANSI/ISO 17024 compliance for applicability within the Department of Defense
Logical Operations Certification Process and Validation
  1. Purchase exam voucher from Logical Operations, your local commercial training provider, or PearsonVUE testing centers
  2. Schedule your exam with PearsonVUE testing centers
  3. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive:
    • PDF from Logical Operations containing candidate number and certifying receipt of the applicable credential
    • Online verification of certification/editable profile from Pearson Acclaim to document certification
      • Ability to validate date of certification and applicable expiration dates for the candidate
      • Candidate can share Acclaim URL as they wish or an Acclaim badge to their social media profiles demonstrating they earned the credential