About Us

Developing Business Training Programs for over 30 years, Logical Operations has provided the highest quality business training curriculum designed for your specific needs.  From the beginning, we’ve been committed to offering the most relevant training solutions that completely transform today’s classroom. 

Logical Operations develops and publishes the most widely used and respected business training courseware available today. With over 4,000 unique development courses in such categories as desktop applications, computer professional, and business skills, the depth and breadth of our courseware is unmatched.

We are driving industry innovation by bringing to market a transformative and flexible expert-facilitated learning experience.  We are redefining the learning landscape expanding it in all directions to focus on the continuum of learning for the end-user.  What has emerged is an organization that is ahead of the curve and understands the current limitations inherent in both print and online training solutions and realizes that, above all, organizations need choices among a variety of tools and methods to get the most out of their training programs.

We pride ourselves on creating strategic advantages for businesses, training centers, and academic institutions by delivering flexible, multi-platform training solutions that give professionals the skills they need to become more highly effective at their jobs, advance their careers, and experience greater professional fulfillment.

By applying our decades of experience in developing quality professional training programs with flexible delivery platforms; Logical Operations enables organizations to get the most value from investments in their training solutions, empowers instructors to be more effective in their delivery, and ensures participants acquire the critical skills needed to advance in their jobs.

The result is an effective, productive, and enjoyable learning experience that lasts far beyond the classroom engagement.

With Kind Regards,

Bill Rosenthal, CEO


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